Web Hosting ABCs

Web Hosting ABCs

Given the rate at which web hosting features are impacting business owners, more and more people are taking their businesses online. But there are some battling with what these hosting services entail and how their businesses can benefit from them. This article will help guide you in understanding more.

What is web hosting?

Thank God for companies and people who have made it their life’s ambition to ease the heavy burdens of e-commerce website owners. They have made it possible for these online business owners to conduct their operations without worrying their sites may crash or fail to cause them to lose customers. They have been able to do this through providing business owners with easy access to e-commerce sites and giving storage spaces where they can conduct their operations.

Web hosting provides site owners with the incredible opportunity of reaching billions of people around the world through the internet. They will run your site for you and fix any technical issues so you can focus on more critical aspects of your business. Some come with their own means of domain name registration. With these ones, you don’t have to worry about getting a domain name separately from the hosting services. They may even register your domain name free of charge.

 Others, however, will require you to buy a domain name as a package with their services. Whichever way you go, the constant is that you must pick a domain or else your site won’t function. Write down different domain name examples that will help your site top Google rankings and attract more visitors to your site. Find out if they are available and use the ideal one.

Types of web hosting

There are four primary forms of hosting services;

  • Shared hosting where your site gets to share space with other site owners. It is the cheapest option and would work very well with beginners looking to learn the ropes of owning a site.
  • VPS hosting where although sites share space, the number is decreased to 10-20 sites per space compared to shared hosting services. Space is equally shared, and once you reach the maximum space limit, your site will start slowing down. However, the other sites will continue to run till they hit their limit.
  • Dedicated hosting where sharing is taboo. You are provided with your very own space and have absolute power to do whatever you wish with your site without other sites limiting you. It is perfect for those with special hardware needs and wants to have increased control over their privacy.
  • Cloud hosting, like VPS, requires sites to share a common space. However, instead of sharing this space on one server, they do so in multiple servers online.