The Meaning of Private Cloud Hosting and Why It’s Important

Private Cloud Hosting

Business owners who value their security are increasingly moving their websites from cloud servers to private cloud servers. Public cloud is making waves in the hosting space because the virtual server is exclusive to you. Many website owners are trooping to private cloud hosting to gain greater control of their websites, rather than comingle with other websites, as it happens in cloud hosting. Ideally, with private cloud hosting, you know where your data is located, which is vital about compliance. With that being said, here are the benefits of cloud computing to your business:

1.    Private cloud hosting offers you greater control of your business

The organization offering the private cloud service is the only one with access to your servers. That means it’s only the organization that can manage and configure it according to their needs to realize a network solution tailored to your needs.

2.    Private cloud hosting comes with top-notch privacy and security

A public cloud is accessible to multiple customers over the public internet, which means various customers are sharing the same server resources. Therefore, there is a greater risk of comingling, which can be a security threat. Private cloud servers are much more secure because they have different pools of resources, and the access to those resources is only accorded to connections established on the entity’s firewall, on-site internal hosting and dedicated leased lines.

3.    Private cloud hosting is energy and cost-effective

The awesome thing about private cloud hosting is that clients are billed according to the resources they’ve used. In other words, you only pay for what you’ve used. Also, the fact that you don’t need an IT department with lots of hardware means you won’t use a lot of energy to run your online business.

4.    Private cloud hosting is highly reliable

The fact that resources (networks and servers) are hosted in a virtualized environment means that they are not prone to technical glitches. In case one cloud server is affected, your website can pull resources from other unaffected servers and operations continue normally.

5.    You can leverage cloud bursting functionality with private cloud hosting

Some private cloud hosting companies allow their clients to deploy the cloud bursting functionality if demand soars. This lets you transfer unimportant functions to the public cloud servers to generate more space for the most important functions that need it.


So if you’re running a large scale business that deals with sensitive data, such as finance, suffice to host your site with private cloud hosting. Although it’s a bit more priced than a public cloud server, it will be well worth it in the long run.