How Brandable Domain Names Work

Brandable Domain Names Work

When thinking of making ripples with your online business, certain things need to be straightened up. The products or services you choose should make you stand out from the rest.  Also, the prices of these products and services should not be through the roof to prevent customers from turning away from you. But one step often overlooked by many business website owners is domain name registration. This is the stage where you formulate your brand name.  This is a critical stage when building your business website.

§  The concept of brandable domain name during domain name registration

The idea of a brandable domain name is quite simple. When you’re building a new business in the digital age, you’re competing in the same market with other robust businesses. It’s nothing like putting up a business in a remote area or small town where competition is limited. For example, when creating an e-commerce store, you should know upfront that there are tons of e-commerce stores in your niche that are offering the same products and services, and thus, competing for the same customers. The question is, how will you stay competitive in such a fierce environment? The secret is choosing a brandable domain name.

§  Impact of brandable domain name

With brandable domain names, businesses will find it much easier to harness new customers, create awareness of their businesses on social media platforms, and ensure they’re keeping up with the competition in terms of search engine rankings. However, businesses must take the time to select domain names wisely. If you take the time to visit the major websites selling brandable domains, you might end up buying an expensive brandable domain name. And in most situations, the more expensive a domain name is, the more demand it has.

For example, if you come across a branded domain name that costs $20,000, and you find another one costing $800. It’s not a must that the one costing $20,000 is the best for your business. Research is what will tell you whether the domain name is right for your business or not. Keys aspects you should look at when conducting research include the domain name itself, target audience, the color schemes of your competitors, the kinds of names that work in other sectors. If you conduct the right research, you shouldn’t have problems coming up with a suitable domain name.


There is a reason ambitious business people go for branded domain names. They work, despite the fact that they are expensive. So if you’re serious about taking your business to the next level quickly, a brandable domain name is the way to go.