5 Top Online Payment Processing Services for Online Shops in India

With an increase in online shopping, it’s becoming crucial for small and medium-sized companies to sell products online to increase profit margins and grow their business. However, coming up with a website that can adequately handle online transactions is a daunting task. Online shoppers look for flexibility when it comes to online payments. If you are an online entrepreneur, you want an eCommerce software with online payment processing services that will provide your customers with convenient payment options. Besides, choosing the right service provider that suits your business needs will also increase conversions and sales. If you want to make it easy for your customers to make payments in your online shop, you need to have full control over the entire check out process. To capture potential customers and transform them into real customers you’ll have to offer various payment options. For instance, a fast check out page should feature direct bank transfers and payment from all major credit cards. There are various payment service providers in the market today with different features, capabilities, and rates. Here are some attributes we recommend you check before making a decision.


the payment solutions you choose for your checkout page must be able to integrate with your eCommerce website so that there will be no technical problems in the future.


online payment providers charge a monthly service fee and transactions fee. Ensure that you read the requirements so that you won’t end up paying hidden charges. Different pricing structures can impact your profitability in different ways.

Customers base preference

take a look at your target audience and see which payment methods they use so that you’ll be able to capture a majority of people visiting your website.

Security and privacy

your online payment provider should have sufficient security measures in place. Ensure that you have a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate for your website for a secure connection and also allow encryption of credit card information. You also need to comply with the PCI DSS standard.

Transaction processing

take note of how many days it takes for you to receive payment after a transaction so that you can have money to run your business.

5 Top Online Payment Solutions for Your e-store

Now that you know some of the essential features you should look out for before choosing an online payment processing service provider, here is a list of top players in the payment solutions market that are popular with online entrepreneurs in India right now.
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PayPal is undeniably the most extensive and worldwide leader of online payment solutions for customers, freelancers, and business owners. PayPal commands more than 192 million accounts worldwide in 25 different currencies with more than 202 active markets. They offer a three-tier plan; • PayPal Express Checkout – redirects customers to their PayPal website for checkout, or if they don’t have one, they are requested to create an account. • PayPal Standard – customers, leave your site and login into their PayPal account, or they can opt to make payment via their credit card without having to sign up for an account. • PayPal Payments Pro – it allows you to host and customize your entire checkout process without redirecting the customer to leave your site. The main disadvantage of using PayPal is that it redirects customers to their website for the checkout process that gives them the feeling as if they are paying for a product or service to another business other than the one they’re purchasing. Besides, a number of PayPal users have complained about their funds being frozen or limiting the amount of money you can transact in a day. However, PayPal is one of the most trusted and secure online payment solutions providers that you can choose for your eCommerce shop today.


Square is a payment processing service provider that you can integrate with your eCommerce shop to allow customers to pay directly on your site without having to navigate to an external portal. The service is available in Australia, UK, and US dollars. The square features a fast and secure checkout process, and it can accept debit and credit cards if you’re setting it up with Ecwid. Additionally, you can set up online and offline transactions through Square for a synchronized online store.

3. Payoneer

Payoneer is one of the oldest online payment solutions provider with a base in more than 200 countries with different currencies. It comes with a flexible API that allows your business to grow and does not charge any transaction fees for receiving payment. Similarly, opening a Payoneer account is free, but other transaction costs that you may incur will largely depend on what you want to do with the money, for instance, transfer, withdraw and more. Besides, your customers also receive a solid plastic MasterCard if they’re not ready to embrace digital payments.

4. Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments allows customers to pay through Amazon account. The checkout offer two plans; • Checkout by Amazon – doesn’t redirect customers to an external portal to complete the payment process. Users will login into their Amazon account buy products on the retailer’s website and pay. • Amazon Simple Pay – this plan works well with eTailers that sell digital or virtual products. If you serve a large customer base on Amazon, this payment gateway will provide a seamless checkout process that allows you to streamline checkouts for customers.

5. Google Wallet

Google Wallet is a contemporary digital wallet that will enable customers to make purchases via linked credit or debit cards. You can integrate this app on your website by including a ‘Buy with Google’ button as a payment option for your customers.

In Conclusion

Receiving payments via online can be a risky business. To allow your customers to shop safely and effortlessly online, you need an online payment processing service provider that will offer your customers secure internet transactions, simple, fast website credit card processing tailored to your business. From the list we have discussed in this guide, you can choose a wide variety of payment processors to give your customers freedom to choose which payment gateway they can use to make payments on your online shop.