Tips To Choose SEO-Friendly Domain Name       

First, let’s find out about SEO and its importance. SEO is a search engine optimization, an art having strategies and different techniques which gather maximum people to website. It uses contents which are easily recognizable by users. SEO is used to have a domain name that is easier to get in mind of the users. It identifies pages through contents of different websites like Google can give so many pages related to the search users do. 

For that, it is necessary to have a domain name that is SEO-friendly. It can help users in marketing and selling the products and services. Through this, people can recognize your brands (products & services) your work, your business and your contribution to the market. In such cases when the market is full of new names and jargons, people have so many options to choose from one product brand to another. It is important to have a domain name that stands out in the market and people can easily get along with it.

Use Brand Name

It is not necessary to use big complex sentences as a domain name. If your brand is an established one, then use the name of your brand as a domain name like Samsung is an established name. They do not require other complex names.  Your brand name or your name is unique having characteristics different from others. By using your name as domain name, you can have promotion of your brand. It enhances values and also the quality of users. Thus, a key factor is to check the availability of your domain name, in order to secure an exclusive address to your business, for more information on this matter, 

Faith on the brand will be established as users can identify it. The popular search engine Google would also admire such domain names.

Use Keyword Domains

Other than brand names, you can use key words of the business, products and services as a domain name. Google might not consider it as it considers brand names. Why is it not preferable? Because, in search, it can result into different options/pages having similar keywords. Through this, users might not consider your product or services and choose the alternative one.

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Use Short Length Domain Registration

It is of the view that the length of the domain registration should be high. It does not matter altogether. As per Google’s Matt Cutts, there is no such factor of having lengthy registration of domain names.

Domain Exceptions

Domain exceptions are country codes like .us, .pk and .uk. They are used to identify and take out search results geographical wise. Research indicates that they do not have much impact but psychologically they have an impact as the users are more familiar with the domain like .com, .org and .net. They exhibit reliability and authenticity as compare to other extensions. Choosing a wrong domain extension will lead to low ranking website which ultimately affects credibility of business.

More Tips

Considering the importance of choosing the right domain name, prefer Google likes and dislikes. It is because Google labels users likes and dislikes.

Customers / consumers should be your priority. To run a business, it is necessary to identify your market and then grab the maximum number of people.

Domain names should be easy to memorize. It should be recognized by majority, should be without any jargons and understandable to the common users.

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It should describe about your business, products and services. Relevant to the business and should be authentic. People should not feel skeptical while clicking on your link.

It should aid brand in marketing the product and services and also familiarizes with the customers intentions.

Avoid using wrong spellings.